Amazing Days of Home School Awesomeness!

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This event is running from 8 February 2018 until 5 April 2018. It is next occurring on March 1, 2018 10:00 am

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On Thursdays this term Azadeh and Rachel are offering Amazing Days of
Homeschool Awesomeness. Our theme this term is Water.
Days will include science and art workshops and a variety of afternoon
activities. Children will work in different groups roughly based on
their age/stage.
Parents are invited to drop their children off and have some time for
themselves. There is also the option for parents to stay and support
their child(ren) with activities through the day.
Amazing Days of Homeschool Awesomeness will be happening in Hazelbrook
from 10am-3pm.
If you are interested please email

Date/s and venue:
Thursdays 8th Feb- 5th April 2018
Venue on application

Target audience – age/year range:
Stages 1-4

ADOHA term 1 final for distribution