Workshop in Handmade Paper

Your Name    Jane Shellshear
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Event Title    Workshop in Handmade Paper
Event Date    May 3 & 10, 2011.
Event Time    Tuesday 1-3pm
Event Location    Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre, Lawson
Event Contact Name    Jane Shellshear
Event Contact Email/Phone    4784 2337
Event Description    Sadhana Peterson is a mixed media artist working in handmade plant fibres, textiles, ceramics and found objects.

In this two part workshop we will make plant fibre paper and sculptural forms from two of our local weeds in the Blue Mountains, Montbretia and Agapanthus.

We will find out how paper is made from plant fibre, make a vat of paper pulp and then pull some sheets of paper from the vat using a mould and deckle.
We will also start a wire form to build a paper sculpture on.
We will see how our paper from the previous workshop has dried.
Then we will use our plant fibre pulp to finish our sculptures.

This paper is very textural not like any paper you will buy in the shops.
It can be drawn on and made into books.

This workshop is recommended for ages 9+
Cost $25 per person
Book by April 28th

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