Natural Singing Workshops

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Event Title Claude Stein’s Natural Singer workshops
Event Date July 29 – August 7
Event Time 10am
Event Location Sydney
Event Contact Name Tanya Burke
Event Contact Email/Phone 0404323848
Event Description The brilliant multi-platinum award-winning vocal coach Claude Stein is putting on three workshops in Sydney between 29 July and 7 August 2011.

I went to one of Claude’s workshops in New York and I have never heard myself sound like that, ever. He has an uncanny knack of finding your self-imposed limitations and moving you way, way beyond them. Nobody does what Claude does, he is nothing like your average vocal coach and his workshops are transformational. Once you’ve found your true voice some kind of freedom opens up inside you and you’re never quite the same!

There’s an age limit of 17 and above but he’s happy to have anyone over the age of 14 come as long as they are mature and committed.

The workshops are for people who want to (or already do) sing or do public speaking but really anyone who wants to find their voice, physically or metaphorically, will get so much out of these workshops.

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