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Natural Singing Workshops

Your Name Tanya Burke
Your Email tanyamic2@yahoo.com.au
Event Title Claude Stein’s Natural Singer workshops
Event Date July 29 – August 7
Event Time 10am
Event Location Sydney
Event Contact Name Tanya Burke
Event Contact Email/Phone tanyamic2@yahoo.com.au/ 0404323848
Event Description The brilliant multi-platinum award-winning vocal coach Claude Stein is putting on three workshops in Sydney between 29 July and 7 August 2011.

I went to one of Claude’s workshops in New York and I have never heard myself sound like that, ever. He has an uncanny knack of finding your self-imposed limitations and moving you way, way beyond them. Nobody does what Claude does, he is nothing like your average vocal coach and his workshops are transformational. Once you’ve found your true voice some kind of freedom opens up inside you and you’re never quite the same!

There’s an age limit of 17 and above but he’s happy to have anyone over the age of 14 come as long as they are mature and committed.

The workshops are for people who want to (or already do) sing or do public speaking but really anyone who wants to find their voice, physically or metaphorically, will get so much out of these workshops.

For more info and booking go to naturalsinger.com.au

All the best,

Rangers on the Run: Under The Sea

Under the Sea is a show which focuses on the incredible animals who call the sea their home. The show includes live sea animals, specimen samples, and a variety of marine artefacts and shells.

We investigate marine habitats, animal adaptations and learn how to reduce our impact on the marine environment. The show is totally interactive and allows children to hold and touch a large range of marine animals. So get ready to get wet and smelly!

WHEN : June 21st @ 11am

WHERE: Mid Mountains Community Centre.

COST : $12 HEA members, $14 non-HEA

BOOKINGS: contact Kiri @ contact@idyll.com.au

Art Adventures

Art Adventures Term 2
Painting, Mosaics and Global Craft
Wednesdays 1-2:30pm
Beginning 4th May – 22nd June

Join in this fun, easy and vibrant workshop that begins in drawing and design and ends in a finished mosaic wall hanging. During this creative arts journey we will draw, paint, sculpt and mosaic.

You will learn about the principals of art and design and create your own mosaic project.

Throughout the journey you will learn some great techniques such as painting and design techniques, learning how to cut and lay mosaic tiles, grouting and have a go at some global inspired crafts. Lots of great fun!

8 weeks $150 including all materials
TO BOOK 4757 4791 or
Art Adventures TERM 2
Event Date Wednesday 4th May – 22nd June
Event Time 1-2:30pm
Event Location Australia
Event Contact Name Selena Seifert

Visit Pinerolo Children’s Book Cottage

VISIT to PINEROLO – The Children’s Book Cottage
‘It is widely accepted that picture books and are not just for small children.’

Pinerolo, established by Margaret Hamilton in Blackheath, aims to promote Australian picture books and their creators, educate children and adults alike about them, provide a venue for exhibition of artwork and bring interested people together in an inspiring environment.

Our visit will include an introductory talk on publishing picture books, the processes involved, examples of the publishing process from writing the manuscript, approaching a publisher, working with an illustrator, etc. using actual material used in the making of several books and discussion of the future of picture books in Australia and the rest of the world. We will be able to view Margaret’s collection of original artwork from Australian picture books and ask plenty of questions.

Margaret Hamilton AM has had many years experience in children’s books — as a children’s librarian, a bookseller, a publisher and as a parent. In 1987 she left her position as director at Hodder & Stoughton Australia to begin Margaret Hamilton Books with her husband Max. The company built up a reputation for high quality children’s books and was dedicated to the philosophy ‘that children have a right to the best of everything, especially books’. Margaret Hamilton Books won many awards and had considerable success on the world market. It became a Division of Scholastic Australia in 1996, where the imprint remains. Margaret’s passion for picture books, her enthusiasm for the world of Australian illustrators, and her recognition of the need for wider promotion of picture books, have led her to this new venture. Her own extensive collection of books and original artwork provide the nucleus of this centre.

Pinerolo is situated on the picturesque Shipley Plateau, 2km South West of Blackheath in the iconic Blue Mountains.
Visit recommended for Book lovers
aged 10+

When: Tuesday May 17th, 1pm.
Cost: $10 per person
Bookings essential.
Booking deadline May 10th.
Contact jane@hrlearning.com.au

Creative Writing

Join in on some fun and rewarding creative writing workshops with Margo Daly.

In this small and relaxed group you can kick start your creativity with a variety of in-class writing exercises. Developing your craft and building creative structures step-by-step, you can begin to find your natural writing voice. Margo will encourage you to gather your ideas and inspiration outside of the workshop, “collect” characters, dialogue, detail and atmosphere to help create both real and imagined worlds.
Recommended for 10+ yrs
Jane Shellshear
Your Email jane@hrlearning.com.au
Event Title Creative Writing
Event Date Starting May 4th
Event Time Wednesdays fortnightly
Event Location Leura
Event Contact Name Margo Daly
Event Contact Email/Phone margo.daly@bigpond.com

Electricity and Magnetism

A science course investigating in depth, the phenomena of electricity and magnetism. Theory as well as practical investigation will be covered to enhance the students’ understanding of the topic.

To deepen interest level and to develop a greater appreciation, the history of the electrical/magnetic phenomena is also explored. This will allow the students to gain an insight into how the minds of great philosophers and scientists work and how mankind made such amazing discoveries.

Skill in scientific presentation and report writing will also be introduced to the students.

Suitable for 11+ yr olds.
Electricity and Magnetism
Event Date 29/4/2011 to 1/6/2011
Event Time Fridays 9.15 to 11.30 am
Event Location Springwood Civic Centre
Event Contact Name Jenny Phillips

Workshop in Handmade Paper

Your Name    Jane Shellshear
Your Email    jane@hrlearning.com.au
Event Title    Workshop in Handmade Paper
Event Date    May 3 & 10, 2011.
Event Time    Tuesday 1-3pm
Event Location    Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre, Lawson
Event Contact Name    Jane Shellshear
Event Contact Email/Phone    4784 2337
Event Description    Sadhana Peterson is a mixed media artist working in handmade plant fibres, textiles, ceramics and found objects.

In this two part workshop we will make plant fibre paper and sculptural forms from two of our local weeds in the Blue Mountains, Montbretia and Agapanthus.

We will find out how paper is made from plant fibre, make a vat of paper pulp and then pull some sheets of paper from the vat using a mould and deckle.
We will also start a wire form to build a paper sculpture on.
We will see how our paper from the previous workshop has dried.
Then we will use our plant fibre pulp to finish our sculptures.

This paper is very textural not like any paper you will buy in the shops.
It can be drawn on and made into books.

This workshop is recommended for ages 9+
Cost $25 per person
Book by April 28th
Contact jane@hrlearning.com.au

Zero to Rio – FREE musical adventure through Brazil

Your Name    Jane Shellshear
Your Email    jane@hrlearning.com.au
Event Title    Zero to Rio – FREE musical adventure through Brazil
Event Date    May 31st 2011
Event Time    1-2:30pm
Event Location    Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre, Lawson.
Event Contact Name    Jane Shellshear
Event Contact Email/Phone    jane@hrlearning.com.au
Event Description    Blue Mountains Teen Homeschool Group present ‘Zero to Rio’ with Richy Glasgow.

Using an adaptation of traditional Brazilian teaching technique, tutor Richy Glasgow will have you playing authentic orchestrated carnival rhythms in under 20 minutes, regardless of musical experience or ability.

In these workshops you will be introduced to the Brazilian bateria, or percussion orchestra that parades and accompanies carnival songs. No one is expected to read or write music: the rhythms are taught practically. These workshops encourage relaxation, listening as a communication tool and understanding the function of teams and the roles of team members.

Richy Glasgow utilises 30 years experience as a multi-instrumental musician and 18 years as a teacher of Brazilian percussion to take you on a joyous musical journey that runs from the religious ritual rhythms of north east Brazil to the samba de enredo that powers Rio Carnavale, the biggest party on earth.

We are inviting you to take part in this first session at no cost and with no obligation since Richy and I are confident that, once you’ve had the Zero to Rio experience, you will want to come back for more. So, if enough people wish, Richy will return for the following 3 Tuesdays to make this a workshop series you’ll be talking about for a while to come.

Recommended for 9yrs +

The Hub Mini Market Day


Join us to send out the term with a bit of fun at the..
HUB Easter mini-market day!

Calling all little entrepreneurs! This is your chance to make a buck or 2 and have lots of fun! All kids are invited to book their own stall. What will your goods or service be? Selling clothes you’ve grown out of? Cakes you’ve baked? Refreshments? A nail salon perhaps? A busker? A fortune teller? Fundraising ventures? Easter egg craft table? Artist selling your own works? The possibilities are limitless!

Stall bookings are for kids only please! There will be a lucky dip for the kids as well. (No raffle as originally promised for the adults as the organizers have been busy with the stuff of life… Those disappointed will have to wait for the BMHEN annual market day bash ;))

WHEN: April 5th @ 10:30 am

WHERE:  Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre, 9 New St Lawson

COST: $5 to book a stall.

BOOKINGS: ASAP and essential as stalls are limited! Email the Hub at bookings@bmlearninghub.org


WEAVING with Annie Hutchinson

Regular Hub mum, Annie Hutchinson, will help kids make their own little woven creations using cardboard and yarn. A beautiful meditative art that encourages concentration and fine motor skills.

WHEN: March 29th @ 10:30 am

WHERE: Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre

BRING: A piece of thick, sturdy cardboard for each participant. The size is up to you depending upon how big you want your woven work to be. Also bring along two balls of yarn. $2 for non HEA members.

BOOKINGS and ENQUIRIES: Annie: annehutchinson77@hotmail.com.

Please email to book by 25th March as places are limited