Community Sponsors

Home Education is growing throughout NSW (by 30% this year alone) and is quietly becoming the third option in educational choices for kids.

The Blue Mountains home schooling community is leading the way with organized workshops, events, courses, social days and excursions to teach, entertain and meet the growing needs of our children. Websites, online support groups and a Facebook page have been created to provide further access to information, resources and support for parents.

We are now searching for Blue Mountains businesses to support our growing community by offering discounts to Homeschoolers.
In this way we can not only keep our business ON the mountain but also attract home educators from further away.
Although it is our choice to educate our children at home we do not receive any additional benefits, assistance or rebates from the government.

Supporting home education with a discounted price on purchases will enable your business to be advertised on both our websites and also by our national association – HEA (Home Education Association) in their seasonal magazine and on their website reaching Homeschoolers everywhere!

Please support your homeschool community by contacting or using the form below. Become a “favourite” and help us to create a wonderful world and a thriving community in which our children can learn, love and grow.

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