High School Program – Term 2

Event Details

This event finished on 03 July 2018

These workshops are suitable for children who work at a high school
level. If interested in these workshops, please email the organizer,
Jane directly: jane_brennan@msn.com

Creative Expression: This ten week workshop series will bring the
written word to life. It will explore diverse ways that creative
expression of the word can be useful in everyday situations. It will
help us develop skills to communicate well with the world around us
and to enact words thoughtfully. It is a practical workshop series
that will look at – storytelling, rhetoric, speech-writing, poetry,
documentary, communication skills, debating, crucial conversations,
interviewing and the construction of an argumentative essay. Workshops
will be structured around playful forays into the realms of logic and
fancy, beauty, comedy and the absurd. By focusing on our personal
strengths and the celebration of our unique selves, this workshop
series will help us to nurture the ongoing power of the creative
expression of our words. This is an inclusive high school class, open
to all levels of ability and confidence.

Gareth has a diverse interest in things such as narrative therapy,
popular culture, post-colonial literary theory, poetry, song writing
and essay. He has been writing poetry for about twenty years and has
been shortlisted for national poetry prizes. He has completed
undergraduate university studies in Social Ecology, Creative Writing
and Visual Arts and holds a masters degree in Social Work. He
currently works within the field of disability and mental health where
he utilises play, visual arts and creative writing as a therapeutic
modality. He has been involved in the home-education community with
his family of four children for the past ten years.

Cost: $120 for HEA members, $128 for non-HEA members for the ten week

Gareth would like these classes to be accessible/inclusive to all. If
there are obstacles, financial or other, please get in touch with
Gareth to work out a solution: gareth.evan.thomas@gmail.com