Living Learning: Term 1 2019

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This event finished on 02 April 2019

Welcome to Living Learning’s Term 1 Program!

All workshops will be held at Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre (MMNC) on Tuesdays from 10:30-11:30am. MMNC is a nut free venue.  All homeschooling families are welcome to meet for lunch afterwards, whether or not you are attending the workshops.  Living Learning activities are Home Education Association Inc. (HEA) Events.

Living Learning programs are pitched at a 5yrs and up age group as a loose guideline. This year we also have a program on offer for children working at High School level. Keep reading and scroll down to find details.

Please note it is an insurance requirement from HEA that parents are at the venue or provide written notice of their absence to the event organiser and have a designated “supervising carer” present for their children. When you are the “supervising carer” for another parent, please ensure you include the names of the children who are in your care when you sign the HEA sign on sheet.

At the end of the program, you will find a link to the booking sheet for Term 1 2019

Our workshops most often book out, so book in as soon as you can!

29th Jan- Not Back to School Picnic

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10:30am onwards at Buttenshaw Park Springwood.

Come and celebrate the start of the 2019 non-school year with us with a picnic in the park. No booking required. Remember your hats, sunscreen and water.

Some families may wish to have a swim at Springwood Aquatic centre afterwards.

No Bookings Required.

5th & 12th Feb- Social Skills

The primary social skills program will be facilitated by psychologists/clinical psychologists from Healthy Minds Happy Kids (HMHK). The program will consist of two, 1 hour sessions. The learning experiences will focus on:

  • How to make friends and join in play
  • Understanding using verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Understanding personal space
  • How to listen to and respect our friends
  • Knowing what to do when people don’t respond or don’t want to play


Children will learn and further develop their social skills in a fun and interactive environment with opportunities for them to practise these skills with each other.

HMHK is a private psychology practice, located in Parramatta that is dedicated to working with young people. Emerson is a local, homeschool mum of Wyatt. She is the founder and principal clinical psychologist at HMHK. She has masters-level qualifications in clinical psychology, and educational and developmental psychology. She has been working with young people and their families for 14 years and started HMHK 10 years ago. For more information about her, her staff, and her practice please visit the HMHK website.

Note: Children must attend both sessions.

Cost- $26 per person for HEA members/$28 per person for non-members.

12th Feb- Open Planning Meeting

Homeschooling families are welcome to join us in the courtyard where we will chat about how Living Learning is going for everyone, what workshops our children are interested in exploring and what ideas we have for future workshops. If you are homeschooling and have some ideas that you think would fit in at Living Learning please come along and chat with us.

19th & 26th Feb- Ground Play

GroundPlay is a mix of rough and tumble play, wrestling and dance. GroundPlay seeks to find in each player a way to physically interact without violence or fighting but to play just on the edge of danger, fun and the unknown.

GroundPlay workshops provide a safe space to play and learn some simple approaches to dealing with different problems that come up when GroundPlaying.

Tinuviel and Michael are both parents with an extensive background in movement and working with children. They started GroundPlay after noticing what a profound effect it had on their own children as well as themselves. They also noticed that their background in movement sometimes helped in dealing with the intensity of play small children bring.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to play safe when things get wild
  • How to enter play in a fun safe way
  • How to set limits and boundaries  with each other when GroundPlaying
  • How to play on the edge of the unknown

Each participant should bring someone they feel comfortable playing with (parent, brother, sister, friend). Bookings will be taken in pairs for this workshop. Please specify on the booking sheet who you are bringing with you.

Cost- $46 per pair for HEA members/ $48 per pair for non-members.

5th March- Bubbles Bonanza!

screen shot 2019-01-11 at 5.34.43 pm

Come, be curious, and explore the science and mathematics of bubbles with Kelly!

In this one-hour workshop children will play with, study, and discover the wonders of bubbles. They will create their own bubble wands, and experiment with the shape of bubbles. They will investigate the colour of bubbles, the best conditions to keep bubbles from popping, and what happens when bubbles meet. Through demonstrations, Kelly will introduce mathematical and scientific concepts, such as: 3D shapes, surface area, volume, surface tension, light, pressure, and gravity.

Attending children will go home with:

  • a handout that: 1) explains how to make the perfect bubble mix at home, and 2) provides suggestions for further bubble experimentation and investigation at home
  • any bubble wands that they created during the workshop

Clothing recommendations: Please be prepared to be outside (eg. sun hat, sun cream, water, etc.), and wear clothing that you don’t mind getting wet and soapy.


screen shot 2019-01-11 at 5.35.12 pm

About Kelly Osterberg: Before home schooling her six-year-old, Kelly, worked for Questaon creating and delivering science programs to very young children through to adults for more than five years. Before that she was a secondary science teacher for three years.

Cost- $16 for HEA members/ $18 for non-HEA members

12th March- Hula Hooping

screen shot 2019-01-11 at 5.35.46 pm

Learn to spin it like a super hooper star, show off your rock star tricks and play some out of this world hoop games!

The Hoop Dance Party kicks off with some fun warm up games, followed by hoop dance party action and oodles of fun. The session ends with an all-inclusive dance party where kids get to rock out and show off their amazing skills in a grand finale.

All children are encouraged to explore play and movement within the hoop. Games and guidance are provided to ensure all spinners find success within their sparkling circles.

Tracks used in the Hoop Dance Party have been specially crafted to guide students musically through a range of hoop skills.

During the Hoop Dance Party all children will have the chance to learn a variety of hoop dance tricks and moves. Encouraging, playful and spirited instruction, provided by qualified and trained hula hoop teacher and fitness instructor Suzy Spindoll, supports each child’s confidence and self-esteem to ensure a successful and empowering event for all. Dressing up is totally encouraged!

The benefits of hula hoops for kids are:

  • Coordination from doing different movements at the same time as well as balancing.
  • Core strength from using large muscle groups to waist hoop.
  • Endurance from performing vigorous exercise for extended periods.
  • Flexibility from moving all joints of the body.
  • Improved attention from learning new moves
  • Confidence from achieving new skills.
  • Improved mental health because hula hooping is a fun and social activity that promotes collaboration, creativity and cooperation.

Hula hoops provided.

Cost- $14 per child for HEA members/ $16 per child for non-member

19th & 26th March Life-size and Microscopic Anatomy

Come on a two week mixed-media drawing adventure with Rachel. Participants will take home life-sized artworks about themselves, explore anatomy, and look at cell structure and other microscopic wonders. We will create artworks with a variety of equipment ranging from fly-swats to ping pong balls.

We will engage in abstract and representational art making practices. We will get messy so be sure to wear suitable clothing or bring an apron.

Rachel has been homeschooling her own children for a considerable time. Prior to becoming a parent, Rachel taught Visual Arts and Information Literacy in High Schools. She has a Grad Dip Ed and a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Rachel has been facilitating art workshops for homeschoolers and the wider community for almost as long as she has been homeschooling.

Some children may require support from a parent during these workshops. Please stay close by in case your child requires an art technician.

Cost- $32 per person for HEA members/$34 per person for non-members.

2nd April- End of Term Picnic. Memorial Park Blackheath.

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Come along for a picnic morning tea to reflect on the term gone by. Meet near the red rocket playground. Remember your hats, sunscreen and water. Bring something yummy to eat or watch everyone else eating their yummy food.