Local Groups

Living Learning

Living Learning is a resource for Blue Mountains Homeschoolers.  Living Learning aims to create a dynamic sharing space for fun and exploration of diverse learning experiences.  With a natural learning basis, Living Learning draws on the wisdom and skills of parents and facilitators from the wider community.  Workshops are held in the Mid Mountains Community Centre in Lawson on Tuesday mornings.  Mid Mountains Community Centre provides an all weather space, close to public transport, with a fenced outdoor play area, perfect for younger siblings.  Living learning celebrates social connection, sharing the journey of living and learning.

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Blue Mountains Home Ed Gamers

We are a group of local (Blue Mountains and surrounds) home educating families who get together to socialise and play card, dice, and board games. We have gaming options for preschoolers through to adults. Adults are able to play games while their children play games with other children. We meet the third Sunday of every month at Faulconbridge Community Hall.

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Home Education Penrith

We are a group of home educating families from in and around the Penrith area with children ranging in age from 18months to 13years.

We are a diverse group of people with varied teaching & learning methods, backgrounds & religions but we share the common belief that we are affording our children the best education possible by choosing to home educate.

Riv Kids

The aim of Riv Kids is for home schooled children to have the opportunity to play freely and form friendships with children who they meet on a regular basis, as well as for the mums and dads to get to know each other and offer support and encouragement in our home-schooling journeys.

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Hawkesbury Homeschoolers

A group meeting a few times a month around the Hawkesbury area for a range of activities.

New Groups

Stay tuned for details of Hawkesbury, Blackheath and Lithgow groups!