Riv Kids

Riv Kids

The aim of Riv Kids is for home schooled children to have the opportunity to play freely and form friendships with children who they meet on a regular basis, as well as for the mums (or dads) to get to know each other and offer support and encouragement in our home-schooling journeys. Riv Kids meets weekly on Friday mornings at Mt Riverview.
For more information feel free to contact rivkidshs@yahoo.com.au

“Offering friendship and fun for home-educated children and their families”

Fridays 10am-12noon @ Mt Riv Community Hall, 11A Calver Ave

Please bring a piece of fruit per child to be cut up and shared for morning tea.

Please BYO mug and we will provide tea and coffee, milk and sugar.

We need to clean up after ourselves!  This will involve: wiping tables, benches, sweeping the floor, cleaning the toilet and sink.  We encourage children to be involved in this act of service too. Please look out for opportunities to help and encourage children to do so too.

In the event of rain or gloomy weather please bring along a board game, card game or similar activity to share.  (Wear thick socks for the cold floor inside!)

Please don’t bring along your children’s toys.

Please be prepared to supervise your children at the activities they choose to be involved in.

Please remember that each parent is responsible for supervising their own child/ren and ensuring that Riv Kids is a

friendly and safe place for everyone.

The fees are:

$30 per term for HEA members, payable at beginning of term.

Non-HEA members will be charged $40 per term,

payable at beginning of term.

Casual rates are $5 per family per week, or $6 for non-HEA members.


For further information please contact Carmen or Elizabeth

Email: rivkidshs@yahoo.com.au