Library Donations

Homeschooling is about living the educational life with your children. The reasons for choosing this lifestyle are many and varied but one important fact we share is using the world as our classroom.
It is often said it takes a village to raise a child. At the heart of our village are our homes. Rich in resources and skills these homes create a vibrant community in which our children learn and grow.
The Blue Mountains Home Education Network and the Teen Homeschool Group take great pride in being a part of the Library Donation Scheme and we hope our donated books bring much support and information to the whole Mountains community.
We have already donated a number of books to the mountains library system, mainly on Home Education styles plus a subscription of HEA Stepping Stones magazine which is a seasonal release.
Any ideas for books that you would like to see available within your library system would be greatly appreciated and used by all.
Books that you have found useful, enlightening, helpful, entertaining, a good educational resource or just plain enjoyed reading with your kids are all perfect candidates for our list.
Send your ideas to