Styles of Home Education

There are many different approaches to home education. Every family is unique and may vary with each child and at different stages.

Educational authorities in Australia don’t tell you exactly how or what to teach your children. They all, however, want to know that your children are achieving standardised outcomes at certain ages as stated in their curriculum frameworks. Over the decades homeschoolers have developed and honed many different approaches to teaching children at home. In practice, many of these overlap. You can pick the bits you like from one and add to another, or create an eclectic style of educating your children from a personalized mix of everything. — Beverley Paine.

The Home Education Association has a run down of different Home Ed Styles in the drop down menu under Get Started in the main menu bar and an extensive collection of articles as well. See styles and approaches.

A2Z Homechool also has a directory of methods and styles.

With so many options available it is easy to be overwhelmed. You don’t have to try everything all at once. Getting to meet other homeschooling families can be a great way to see other ideas in action. Keep exploring and maybe we’ll meet you at an event or a local group.